Sushi Camp

Family owned restaurant in Temecula since 2003

South Temecula is where you’ll find Sushi Camp. The head sushi chef, Donald Smith, will likely greet you when you arrive and will introduce you to a unique sushi experience. As I sat and chatted with Donald, I discovered that Sushi Camp is one of the oldest sushi establishments in Temecula and that he has been employed there as a sushi chef for more than 16 years, having first started in the kitchen.

For first-time sushi enthusiasts, the menu may seem a little intimidating while seated at a table or the sushi bar because it is packed with various fish varieties you might not be familiar with. Their sushi is well-known for being among of the best in the region; the seafood is consistently fresh, and the rice is excellent, slightly warm, and wonderfully vinegared.

Anyway, Sushi Camp is highly regarded by the majority of residents I know for its affordable, delicious seafood. You can order off the menu here or choose the chef’s special, the Ichiban roll or the Dirty Donny. I’ve tried the Ichiban roll and it’s my all-time favorite. It has real crab ( most rolls use imitation crab ) and is soooo delicious! I plan to try Dirty Donny next visit.

They offer an all day happy hour Mon – Weds. This is our favorite time to visit 🙂

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Mon-Sat: 4:00pm – 9:00pm Sun: Closed