Before You Post A Negative Review

1. Ask yourself whether you are just having a terrible day or if the facts you are going to critique are true and verifiable.

2. You have the right to voice your dissatisfaction with a company, but make sure you have a solid enough foundation to back it up if necessary.

3. Regardless of how strongly you disagree with something, online evaluations are seen as public remarks, therefore it’s best to express yourself politely.

4. If someone else had expected you to be “the professional,” would you have never made a mistake? And what kind of treatment—public mockery or considerate treatment—should you have gotten in order to improve yourself? Remember that one day what others say about you online could very well determine whether or not you exist before writing an unflattering review. Consider whether speaking with business owners directly would help you achieve a better outcome.

5. Consciously breathe in and out as you read the points 1-4. Be prepared to confront any challenges head-on if, after reading and taking a deep breath, you are still determined to write the review and you honestly believe that the company you have dealt with cannot be made right or prevented from hurting others without being exposed. After all, it was only those who stood up for what they believed in despite the dangers involved that transformed the world.