Old Town Temecula

For the foodie in all of us, a trip to Temecula Valley’s historic Old Town offers a wide variety of gastronomic alternatives. The charming shopping and dining district offers a variety of options, including homemade Mexican food from close to the border and Italian food with recipes from across the oceans, farm-to-table innovative pub dining, locally sourced, organic, slow-food eateries, and grab-and-go pastries and sweet treats for an afternoon pick-me-up.

Beer, wine, coffee, specialty cocktails, and the distinctive settings and situations, including both indoor and outdoor dining, go hand in hand with the culinary delights in Old Town. Temecula Valley Southern California Wine Country offers a variety of delicious cuisine ranging from the simplest to the most elaborate, satisfying almost every taste. Enjoy the range of dining alternatives that are easily accessible around Temecula Valley.